BCF All Stars

We started BCF All Stars in 2010 to recognize youth sports programs that give students the tools they need to be successful in life. Organizations from the local NYC area would nominate their most promising and inspirational student-athletes through a rigorous application process. Although choosing only four candidates is difficult, we believe our selections best represented the core values of BCF. Past All-Stars thoroughly impressed all in attendance.


Please click here for the 2015 BCF All-Star application. Please email info@bulldogscarefoundation.org for more information.

2013 BCF All Star Winners

Niles Ellis, Brooklyn Youth Sports Club

Niles Ellis is from East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Four years ago, unlike many of his peers in the area, Niles decided to dedicate his limited free time to Brooklyn Youth Sports Club, where he participates in a rigorous national competitive travel basketball team. In addition, through the Brooklyn Youth Sports Club, Niles has participated in college readiness courses, various community service and mentorship events including neighborhood clean ups and visits to the Ronald McDonald House.

Niles attends Brooklyn Tech HS, the best public HS in the borough. He boasts a 3.5 GPA in courses including Algebra Honors, AP Government, AP U.S. History and AP World History. He has been a member of the National Honor Society for the past 2 years. He plays Cello in the school orchestra. He is a member of the Student Government and the Big Sibling Program. He is a College and People to People Ambassador. He is the captain of the varsity basketball and Track Field programs. Niles never succumbed to the negativity or violence surrounding him but instead has risen to every challenge and succeeded with flying colors. Niles Ellis is without question is an exceptionally bright student with a lifetime of success in front of him.

Joy Ene, Row New York

A resident of Jamaica, Queens, a student at Flushing High School, and a first generation American with family roots in the nation of Nigeria, Joy Ene combines a tremendous passion for rowing with academic excellence. Joy is not only a member of Row New York but also an excellent student with serious goals and aspirations. Her spring 2013 course load at Flushing High School included Advanced Placement courses in English, biology, and US history. Joy is constantly looking for more challenging material to take on, from SAT prep classes to after school honor societies like ARISTA. Currently a rising senior, Joy is looking to further her academic career at an elite university with a strong rowing program.

Joy has made great contributions to the Row New York team and organization by helping to set a high athletic bar while also communicating well with her younger teammates and lending to the cohesiveness of the novice and varsity teams. Her constant effort in joining the two squads has set the tone for the team and allows younger rowers to follow her lead. She is a leader committed to perfection in every aspect of her life and who will continue to impress us.

Gilbert Gonzalez, Harlem RBI

When Gilbert first joined Harlem RBI at 8 years old, he was slow on the field and shy in the classroom, but during the 10 years with the organization he has shown remarkable growth. He always tried the hardest and never let himself settle for mediocrity. In addition to playing on the Harlem RBI’s travel team, Gilbert served as team captain on the Life Sciences Secondary School Varsity Baseball team. He was also an honor roll student and member of the Nation Honor Society. In addition, Gilbert was a coach and a mentor to both the 12 and under and an assistant coach in Harlem RBI’s Real Kids program. This fall he started his college career at Hunter College as a member of the SEEK program. Gil’s drive to succeed regardless of the circumstances makes him exceptional in all that he does. We are proud to welcome Gil to the podium to say a few words on behalf of the 2013 BCF All-Stars.

Katiria Sanchez, CitySquash

Katiria Sanchez joined CitySquash in the 6th grade and quickly became a rising star. Due to personal challenges and an unexpected move to Puerto Rico, she was forced to overcome tremendous obstacles. When she returned to the Bronx in 9th grade, she was placed at a failing neighborhood school with a 40% graduation rate in the Bronx. Determined to get a good education, Katiria enlisted CitySquash’s help and she was given the opportunity to transfer to Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics (BCSM). Katiria met the academic challenges of her new school head-on; she enrolled in extra math classes to catch up to the level of her peers, and attended extra tutoring sessions at BCSM and CitySquash to ensure that she understood the material in her classes. She ended up graduating with an average of 89%.

Katiria was admitted to the Trinity College Class of 2016. The women’s squash program is consistently ranked in the top five in the country, and as a freshman, Katiria played as high as #8 on the ladder, recorded an impressive 9-4 record, and helped her team finish second in the nation. She is a role model to the younger students in the program and is consistently volunteers at CitySquash practices during her breaks from school. She was a CitySquash Intern this summer and impressed the staff with her leadership on and off court. As well as her dedication to helping younger students follow in her footsteps. Katiria’s star continues to shine brightly in all that she does.

2012 BCF All Star Winners

Left to right: Darrius Campbell, Lia Neal, Sage Mason, Malcolm Akinje

MALCOLM AKINJE, Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership

During the past three years at Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership, Malcolm has proved himself to be an exceptionally resilient and hardworking student-athlete. The trials of Malcolm’s past have proved ample preparation for a secure and persevering adulthood, a juncture he’s approached prematurely and with inarguable wisdom and tenacity. Malcolm’s experience has thrust him into the realm of maturity with pointed determination. An old soul, Malcolm is able to apply his broad experiences in survival to the adversities of everyday life, while preserving the optimistic good nature of his youth, as well as the build and vitality of a true athlete.

In September of 2012, Malcolm started his first year at Groton School as a ninth grader with a full scholarship valued at nearly $50,000 per year. It is not by luck, accident, or exception that Malcolm will make such a momentous transition from Frederick Douglas Academy in Harlem to one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country.


During the past seven years, CitySquash has been part of Darrius transformation from a troubled child to an exceptional individual on and off the court. He has not only demonstrated an incredible determination to succeed, he has shown a rare ability to improve himself, to turn his weaknesses into strengths.

Darrius currently attends New Jersey’s Blair Academy, where he receives a full scholarship worth $45,000 a year. While maintaining a B average, he has become a leader on campus, and this upcoming year will be a dorm proctor. He is the star of the squash team, playing #1 since freshman year and serving as the team’s captain this season.

SAGE MASON, Ice Hockey in Harlem

Sage was introduced to Ice Hockey in Harlem at the age of seven. Almost ten years later it is more than a sport but his passion. As a student with Ice Hockey in Harlem, Sage learned about leadership and responsibility through playing on the team, and doing community service.

Since being in the program, he was accepted to and enrolled in Phillips Exeter Academy. At Exeter he is a class representative on Student Council, a crew Coxswain, plays on the Junior Varsity hockey team, and as a mentor in the Male Mentoring Association.

LIA NEAL, Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green swimmer, 17-year-old Brooklyn native Lia Neal, won a bronze medal as part of the Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay at the 2012 Olympics in London. She is the first of the Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics (AGUA) swim team to earn a spot on the US Olympic Swimming Team, and the first to bring home an Olympic medal.

Lia, a Swim for the Future Scholarship recipient, has been developing her talents on the AGUA swim team for 9 years. Through incredibly hard work and the generosity of New Yorkers who have supported the Swim for the Future Scholarship program, Neal has become one of the best swimmers in the world. For thousands of children that participate in swimming and other sports at Asphalt Green, Neal is role model for those just learning to swim to those with dreams of becoming an Olympian.


For the past five years, Destiny has participated in Harlem RBI, in addition to being a four-sport varsity athlete—she played varsity softball, volleyball, basketball and cross country at Pace High School. Destiny’s stellar athletic capabilities earned her Pace High School’s Coaches Award in Varsity Softball, MVP Award in Varsity Softball, Commitment Award for Varsity All Teams and Scholar Athlete Award.

In 2012, Destiny began her college career as a student at SUNY Potsdam, where she plans on to double major in Business Administration and Communications.

2011 BCF All Star Winners

Left to right: Mohamed Barrie, Malaya Lambert, Andrew Cadienhead

Mohamed Barrie, Urban Dove

For the past three years, Mohamed Barrie has participated in Urban Dove, a program that provides the critical skills needed to succeed with a structured curriculum that combines sports, academics and life-skill building. Mohamed attends Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports in the South Bronx where he letters in varsity basketball, track and field and soccer and maintains a B+ average. When he is not participating in school commitments he is volunteering as a Youth Staff mentor with Urban Dove’s HiRiser Program, a peer-mentoring program. He is also a member of their College All Stars Program. Mohamed is a serious student who is a role model on the field, in the classroom and in his community.

Crystal Burgess, Figure Skating In Harlem (FSH)

Crystal joined Figure Skating in Harlem in 2001 as a seven year old. Twelve years later she has passed a remarkable eight testing levels of the Ice Skating Institute. Crystal is a straight A student at the prestigious Advance Science Research Program, at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. Her sportsmanship and ability to inspire others, as well as her excellent performance in school, has earned Crystal several FSH awards, including Academic Excellence and Best Attitude, and the FSH’s highest award the Gene Kitt Citizenship Award for outstanding leadership, sportsmanship and hard work. Since 1997, HFS has served more than one thousand girls and prepares them for success in all aspects of life.

Andrew Cadienhead, CitySquash

CitySquash helps motivated and talented young people from economically disadvantaged households in the Bronx fulfill their academic, athletic and personal potential, like Andrew who has been a team member for five years. Andrew has won seven tournaments and has been ranked as high as number 13 in his age division. This year he was awarded a scholarship to compete in the Pioneer Open in Germany and the Dutch Open. Andrew’s dedication and work ethic does not stop on the court. He shows equal enthusiasm in his academic pursuits. After excelling at MS 45 in the Bronx, he was awarded a 30K a year scholarship to Taft University. This year Andrew will serve as the varsity team Captain of Taft University’s Squash team. Although Andrew is away at school during the academic year, he remains devoted to CitySquash both as a role model and as a mentor to other student athletes.

Malaya Lambert, Harlem RBI

Malaya Lambert is an exceptional student athlete who has been participating in Harlem RBI’s program since she was 12 years old, both as a participant on the field and as a mentor and coach for the Harlem RBI REAL Kids, a program that helps youth develop literacy, academic, social and emotional skills. While juggling four softball teams, a track team, and volunteering, Malaya has maintained a B average at Cardinal Spellman High School located in the Bronx. She is an exceptional individual who has consistently displayed qualities such as commitment, discipline and passion in all that she does. As a result of her hard work both on and off the field she was selected to attend Howard University and participate on their NCAA Division 1 softball team in the fall of 2011.

2010 BCF All Star Winners

Left to right: Scarlett Jimenez, Julian Hackney, Steven Duke (BCF Chairman), Herminia Thabet, Essane Diedro

Essane Diedro, The Peter Westbrook Foundation

Essane is a part of the Peter Westbrook Foundation, an organization that utilizes the sport of fencing as a vehicle to develop life skills in young people from underserved communities. Essane’s dream is to become a Neurosurgeon. As a freshman on the Columbia fencing team, she is clearly on her way. Her 9 years as a part of the Peter Westbrook Foundation can be characterized as nothing short of inspirational. While maintaining grades high enough to warrant entrance into the National Honor Society and serving as a member of a debate team that was ranked second in the North East region, she has thrived as a fencer, winning the Fencing Nationals as a member of a Junior Team.

Julian Hackney, Street Squash

Julian is an active member of Street Squash, an urban youth enrichment program that combines academic tutoring, squash instruction, college preparation, community service and mentoring. He is a student athlete who exhibits exceptional dedication to both his academics and to Street Squash, where in his four years he has taken advantage of all that the program has to offer. A two-time captain and Street Squasher of the year, he is a leader on the field and off, setting the bar high with a 90 average and a number 5 spot on a very competitive varsity ladder.

Scarlett Jimenez, Figure Skating In Harlem (FSH)

Scarlett Jimenez, a 7 year participant in Figure Skating in Harlem, an organization that transforms young lives and help Harlem girls to grow in confidence, leadership and academic achievement., truly exemplifies leadership and inspiration. Dedicating over 10 hours each school week to her group skating and educational activities at FSH, Scarlett has passed a remarkable seven testing levels of the Ice Skating Institute national standards and a spot in their advanced skating group. Scarlett is a straight A student at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics.

Herminia Thabet, Harlem RBI

An active member of Harlem RBI, a youth development organization that provides inner-city youth opportunities to play, learn and grow. It uses the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their dreams. Herminia is now a freshman on the Iona Softball team, and possesses the high level of character and determination that the BCF stands for. Her consistent effort, as part of the program, over the past 8 years has led her to success on and off the field. Herminia has transformed herself from a struggling young pitcher into an award winning New York City powerhouse, all while maintaining excellent grades.